Encouraging young vocal leaders

For young people in Years 10 - 13 who have an interest in leading singing. Suitable for:

  • Young people studying GCSE Music
  • Young people studying at A-Level (preferably but not necessarily music)
  • Home-schooled young people between the ages of 14-18

This is a three-day course for a group of students (with the option to book it as a one or two day course if required). The course can be spread out over a period of months and held at times to suit your individual group. The course works best with a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 17. Detailed content will be tailored to the group as appropriate, but will cover the following key skills, depending on the length of the course:

  • Basic Leadership skills
  • Posture
  • Cueing (starting and stopping)
  • Simple beat patterns
  • Gesture, pauses, articulation
  • Vocal health, development and awareness]
  • Using your voice to lead singing confidently
  • Understanding vocal range and style
  • Vocal health and safe singing
  • Rehearsal technique
  • Score preparation and planning
  • Knowing what you want and how to get it
  • Musicianship skills and aural awareness
  • Practical warm-up ideas
  • Useful, relevant repertoire

Read more on our course leaflet here.

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