Choral Conducting Apprenticeships

An unmissable opportunity to work with experienced conductors and their choirs for a year.

Thanks to funding from the Ernest Cook Trust abcd has been able to offer apprenticeships to student and aspiring conductors since 2005. The focus of the scheme is to offer conductors the rare chance to work regularly with an experienced choral conductor and their choir in rehearsal, workshop and concert situations for a year.

The scheme is very much 'hands on', with the apprentice conductors not only observing rehearsals but also taking an active role and working within concert situations. The apprentices gain regular experience in choral conducting technique, rehearsal preparation, rehearsal practice, working with an accompanist and occasionally also working with soloists and orchestras. They are also given the opportunity to learn about all the normal administrative aspects of working with amateur choral groups, including the management of auditions, leadership roles and working with groups and committees.

Current placements

Unfortunately we have no placements available at present.

How the scheme works

The apprenticeships last for a period of one year. To see feedback from those involved in previous years click here.

Apprentice conductors are expected to attend regular individual sessions with their tutor at which there would be opportunity to discuss aspects of technique, repertoire and work currently in progress. They would also be expected to attend the majority of rehearsals and performances. They will receive a bursary towards travelling costs and associated expenses (eg music hire/purchase) and appropriate fees for any concert work undertaken on behalf of their tutor.

Apprentice conductors will have the opportunity to gain experience in the following ways:
• Observing rehearsals/workshops and learning about various aspects of rehearsal technique.
• Taking sectional and parts of full rehearsals with the agreement of their tutor.
• Discussing rehearsals, aspects of preparation and technique with their tutor.
• Deputising for the Musical Director when required, including conducting in a concert situation if appropriate.

The scheme is open to anyone in the UK, and applicants should be prepared to undertake some travel as necessary. You need not currently be a member of abcd but, if successful, you will be required to join.